The Process

Step 1: Purchase Hours

After your initial purchase of your package hours, we will review and send you a statement of work.   You have will have 90 days to use the hours in your package.

Step 2: Introductory Call

We will setup a call to meet your newly assigned virtual assistant.  This is a great opportunity to discuss your request.

Agenda for Introductory Call
  • Introduction of your personal virtual assistant.
  • Go over work process and requests.
  • Set date of on-boarding / start date call.

Step 3: Start Date (On-Boarding)

A scheduled called will be set on your assistant’s first day.  We want to make sure you and your assistant start off in the most product way possible.  We recommend of no less than an hour.  This will be an excellent opportunity to give your assistant specific instructions or special training for a great future of working together.  Your initial investment in your assistant will ensure that you get the most benefit of having an assistant.

Any log-ins, special email addresses, or documents needed for the assistant to help you are expected to be completed by the time of this call.

Step 4: As Hours are Completed

Before all the hours in your package are depleted, your assistant will notify you that your hours are getting close to being out and ask if you would like to purchase an additional package.  At anytime, you can request the hours you have used or have left.  


We want you to be 100% satisfied.  If at anytime you are not satisfied with your assistant, we can assign another assistant that may be a better fit for you.

Yes, you have 90 days to use the hours in the package. 

Nope.  You choose to purchase again.  We don’t have a minimum term.  You purchase a package of hours.  When you are getting low on hours, your assistant will let you know and give you the option to purchase another package.

Although it doesn’t happen often, we understand that it can.  It may just not be the perfect fit.  At anytime, we can give you assign you another assistant.  Please let us know.

If your requests involve any special software or license, you are responsible for supplying to your assistant. We can accommodate typical web browsing, word processing, spreadsheet, photoshop, and some video editing software.

Our staff may need to be trained on your systems.  You are required to train on your systems or processes.

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